A Journey in 3D Bioprinting - The NBIL Story

Next Big Innovation Labs is a Deep Tech Lifesciences platform, focused on developing 3D Bioprinting Technology and Products for R&D, Industrial and Clinical Applications.

NBIL is a proud Indian company, who are addressing the unmet demands of healthcare R&D sector in the country. A company with a vision to create innovative healthcare products for the global market.

Founded in May of 2016, NBIL has been one of the fastest growing bioprinting companies in the country.

A company started by 4 young innovative enthusiasts coming from different backgrounds. A team comprising of engineers and biotechnologists working together extensively to drive changes in the healthcare sector by building novel products which are going to change the dimensions of research in the country.

The company has been funded by $200,000 worth of equity free grants from Government of Karnataka, under their Idea2PoC program; TATA Trusts – Lockheed Martin – Department of Science & Technology, India Innovation Growth Program 2.0 and Department of Biotechnology’s BIG grant.

At NBIL, we took the initiative to understand the problems of the R&D sector in our country by interacting with the researchers, people from academia and industry. To address these problems NBIL launched India’s first completely customizable 3D Bioprinter which empowers the researchers


About the Author – Anubha Mehra

Anubha Mehra is a Biotechnology Graduate from Heritage Institute of Technology and has been working in the domain of 3D Bioprinting for the past two years. Her current roles at NBIL encompasses understanding the diverse market dynamics of 3D Bioprinting and the regulatory schematic for the industry.