3D Printed Oral Maxillofacial Models

We, at Next Big Innovation Labs, are always searching for new avenues to aid and improve the standards and methodologies in healthcare using the technology of 3D printing. One way in which we have been successful in doing so is in the use of 3D Printed Bone Models for Pre-Surgical and Teaching Purposes. We have worked with multiple physicians in the fields of Orthopaedics and Oral Maxillofacial Surgeries to develop 3D Printed Bone structures that can help physicians better understand the way forward in terms of pre-surgical planning. Our 3D Printed Skulls have been used by institutes in India and Ethiopia to provide students with hands on surgical practice. 3D Printed Bone Structures generated by our team is directly derived from the CT/MRI scan files of the patient. The files are then processed and converted using customised algorithms to generate a precise bone structure replica in a 3D Printable format. The 3D Printed Bone structures provides the physician with a 3 dimensional aspect of the bone defect with a touch and feel aspect to provide precision care during surgeries.

3D Printed Skulls for Surgical Practice

How Is It Done?