Biomaterials - All You Need to Know!

Biomaterials play an integral role in medicine today—restoring function and aid healing for people after injury or disease. They have been used in tissue engineering, drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and chemical biology. Learn more about biomaterials through are new blog! Read Now!!


Bioink is the magical potion that makes 3D bioprinting possible. They provide a bridge between biology and engineering, a secret recipe of chosen biomaterials for your 3D Bioprinting needs.

Learning the Kaizen Way

The Kaizen approach to learning involves an amalgamation of multiple facets of our lives and our personal and professional growth aspirations. Explore the kaizen way of learning in this guest blog written by Anish Anil.

Skill Development

Skill Development in 3D Bioprinting

In a world that’s driven by upskilling and standing out, 3D Bioprinting is carving a niche for itself and is creating employment opportunities across disciplines. Here is a peek into the employment opportunities and gaps in skill development in 3D Bioprinting.

3D Bioprinting - Current and Future Perspectives

3D Bioprinting has pushed boundaries and come a long way despite several complications in instrument design, biomaterial formulations, ethics and regulatory. With increased clinical demand and accelerated research, this technique will soon become the next big thing in clinical practice for personalized treatment.

Bioprinting and COVID-19

A writeup on how 3D Bioprinting is aiding in the battle against SARS-CoV-2 and how it affects the future of employment

Bioprinting & Rise of Make in India Tech

A writeup on how 3D Bioprinting is changing the world and on how to Make in India initiatives are changing the global 3D Bioprinting paradigm

3D Bioprinting in India Today

3D Bioprinting today faces certain challenges in India. Meet the founders of Next Big Innovation Labs, who are trying to overcome these hurdles with Trivima

Cell Culture Media

Bioprinting Redefining Healthcare

Lets dive deep with Pooja Venkatesh, Cofounder at Next Big Innovation Labs, to learn how 3D Bioprinting is bridging the gap between organ demand & availability

Alternatives to Animal Testing

With all the technological innovations, are we really able to reduce our dependence on animals for our medicines and cosmetics?

Bioprinting the next revolution

3D bioprinting is set to change the way people look at organ transplantations. Learn how 3D bioprinting can help eradicate transplant wait lists!