3D Bioprinting and the Rise of Make in India Technology

11th June 2019

With a vision to create disruptive products that have large societal impact, Next Big Innovation Labs has embarked on our journey towards ensuring we build world-class technology indigenously and at an affordable price. A journey which began in 2016 as an idea worth exploring, has now evolved into a company with an ambition to be a global player in the field of 3D Bioprinting.

Welcome to Next Big Innovation Labs, a deep technology life-sciences 3D Bioprinting platform company, that is working towards bringing to market disruptive solutions such as 3D Bioprinted Skin.

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Technology has previously been able to level the playing field and the mass adoption of the mobile phone over the past decade and the rise of potential opportunities that arise through a handheld device in our hands, has created tremendous opportunities. Similarly, many believe this is the upcoming era of Biotechnology. The rapid progress we are making in the fields of genetics research and alternative testing methodologies are bringing in more efficiency to conventional slow and expensive drug testing cycles, helping humans live longer and healthier. This era of personalised testing and precision medicine is driven largely due to the introduction of technologies such as 3D Bioprinting and AI / ML. Next Big Innovation Labs, through value added additions to the Bioprinting community through its indigenous 3D Bioprinter hardware technology and patents in the field; are working towards utilising the technology to impact fields such as Organ-on-Chip and Clean Meat, in addition to developing lab alternatives to animal skin testing, a current conventional testing method used for product testing across FMCG and Cosmetic R&D industries; and work towards a clinical model for our 3D Bioprinted Skin that has direct clinical translation benefits to treat wounds and burns.

A young group of diverse individuals coming together to start a company in an area where the odds of success is not in our favour, has been a great learning experience. Fighting odds, achieving the unexpected, making deep in-roads into the industry and building partnerships with experts and industry leaders, all while building a strong and robust team; would truly translate into a Make in India story not heard of the everyday in the deep technology space.

As we start interactions with international companies that are evaluating how our 3D Bioprinting platform can help transform conventional processes they use in their R&D setups and how it can translate into better economic benefits for their businesses; Next Big Innovation Labs is ready to give back to the ecosystem that helped nurture us. Researchers and academicians around the country have previously worked closely with us and we look forward to continuing this engagement with the vibrant research community in our country.

Founders - Piyush, Pooja, Ratan and Alok (Left to Right)
Source : NBIL©

There is a large skilled scientific graduate professional base in India and our interactions with programs run by the government of Karnataka such as Biotechnology finishing school, have given us the confidence of the talent pool in India that can help us grow our company into a global player in the field.

With the onset of the 4th Industrial revolution era, Next Big Innovation Labs is positioning itself to be a strong player in the field of personalised and precision medicine. Growing support by the government towards Biotechnology R&D, growing number of incubation centres and a close-knit community of startup professionals; have all helped us in our journey and we look forward to helping nurture the ecosystem further with our learnings from global partnerships and experiences. India has been a great place to start our startup journey and we look forward to expanding our presence to other countries, both through partnerships and customers we wish to service.

NBIL's Cofounder, Alok Anil, presenting our Vision to the selection team at Merck

Support received from Startup Karnataka, through their Idea2PoC program and state of the art biotechnology centre at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre ; financial support from Department of Biotechnology through their Biotechnology Ignition Grant ; International ecosystem connects and mentorship received through India Innovation Growth Program, jointly run by TATA Trusts, Lockheed Martin, DST ; Policy support received through FICCI and international exposure and recognition received after showcasing our technology at events such as BioAsia and Bengaluru Tech Summit; have all added up towards helping us get stronger year on year.NBIL has partnered with Merck Group in Darmstadt, Germany to explore opportunities to develop novel 3D Bioprinted applications using our proprietary 3D Bioprinting platform.

With presence now in India and Germany, our vision has widened, and we look forward to creating a global impact with our Made in India technology.

We are always on the lookout for dynamic individuals driven by the potential 3D Bioprinting can have on our communities and together look forward to building a globally recognised for profit venture with a large societal impact. We welcome you to explore opportunities within Next Big Innovation Labs!

About the Author – Alok Medikepura Anil

Alok Medikepura Anil has an engineering background and has previously worked on projects utilising Additive Manufacturing benefits that 3D Printing technologies provide, across Aeronautical and Automotive sectors.  In his previous role in academia, Alok has utilised the power of 3D printing to manufacture complex aerospace and automotive prototypes for research purposes. Alok is now working towards bringing his expertise in the field of 3D Printing and Manufacturing, to help create a roadmap for Next Big Innovation Labs to develop novel technologies that will help make the move towards the field of precision and personalised medicine. Alok’s main focus within NBIL is on building long-lasting partnerships with academia, industry and impact-driven investors.