Starter Course in 3D Bioprinting

Your Entry into the world of 3D Bioprinting. Get access to the first four modules of the Foundation Course on Bioprinting and begin your bioprinting journey.

What Will You Learn?

Access to the First FOUR Modules of the Foundation Course on 3D Bioprinting. Click Below to View Course Content!

  • History of 3D Printing
  • Technologies in 3D Printing
  • Applications of 3D Printing
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Case Study - Dr. Geetha Manivasagam - on the Applications of 3D Printing in Healthcare

  • Introduction to 3D Bioprinting
  • Introduction to 3D Bioprinting Technologies
  • Applications of 3D Bioprinting

  • Dr. Amit Jaiswal - Distinction between 3D Printers and 3D Bioprinters
  • In-Depth Understanding of Extrusion Based Bioprinting
  • In-Depth Understanding of Inkjet Based Bioprinting
  • In-Depth Understanding of Laser Assisted Bioprinting
  • Case Study - Mr. Piyush Padmanabhan and Mrs. Pooja Venkatesh - Demo Session of Bioprinting with a Pneumatic Micro-Extrusion Bioprinter

  • Introduction to Cells, Tissues, Organs and ECM
  • In-Vitro Cell Handling for 3D Bioprinting
  • Types of Cells used in 3D Bioprinting and their limitations
  • Sterility in 3D Bioprinting
  • In-Depth Understanding of Hydrogels and Biomaterials

Benefits of the Starter Course

Your Learning Journey and Advantages You Gain After The Course

Learn from the thought leaders in the space. With structured modules and chapters curated by our Course Advisor - Dr. Jayesh Bellare, you gain a holistic understanding of 3D Bioprinting and what you can achieve with this truly disruptive technology.

This Bioprinting Course is completely online and is hosted on our LMS. Your learning can be done through your laptop or your phone. No hurdles here. A structured bioprinting curriculum that trains you through online video content, case studies and assignments truly lets you explore the world of 3D Bioprinting. We also conduct offline training programs. Contact us at to know more!

You will receive a partnership certificate at the end of the course. To receive an industry certification from Next Big Innovation Labs®, you will have the option to extend the course subscription for the full course (7 modules). Want to know more about us? Click Here

Be it Engineering or Biomaterials or Biology, Bioprinting has research prospects in all these domains and more. The Foundation Course on 3D Bioprinting will help you understand the intricacies involved in all these aspects and help you chart out your next breakthrough research project. 

Registration Fee

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  • Certificate of Participation will only be awarded to individuals who complete all four modules.
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