India’s First Customisable 3D Bioprinter

Why Customise?

Why let others tell you how to bioprint? We believe customisation is the future of bioprinting and below are what researchers globally feel about commercial 3D Bioprinters

Technical Validations

The technology used in Trivima has been tested across biomaterials, designs and multiple parameters. Here are few of the technical applications of Trivima

Trivima has been utilised to successfully create structures using bioinks containing both synthetic and natural polymers for breast cancer studies

Trivima’s unique temperature control has been implemented in the construction of scaffolds using high viscous bioceramic slurries

Printing of low viscous, synthetic polymers at low pressures using single micro-extrusion for wound healing applications

Medium throughput printing in well plates using micro-droplet printing methodologies for pharmaceutical testing applications 

Our Patented technology  allows for high accuracy printing. Scaffolds with 27 µm microporosity have been achieved using Trivima

Heated end extrusion for medical grade polycaprolactone using Trivima’s fused deposition modelling heads

What can you cutomize?

The diversity in the types of cells, biomaterials, temperature conditions and sterility requirements demands a truly versatile printing experience that can be customised to cater to the varied needs of 3D Bioprinting research. Trivima was built keeping this in mind. Below are some of the customisation options

Trivima is built for diverse applications. With the option to work with upto four separate extruders, you can work with different biomaterials and cell types in strict temperature controlled environments

Temperature control only for the extruders and not for the bed? Temperature control for both the bed and extruders? We’ve got you covered! Select from a variety of temperature control options that makes your bioprint work!

We understand the importance of bioprinting in a sterile environment. We know the impact unwanted contamination can cause to your bioprinting research. Germicidal UV and H14 HEPA filters installed in Trivima allow you to bioprint in peace

Crosslinking or no crosslinking. That’s the question. You can select from our varied crosslinking options to completely make your Trivima to work for you. 

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