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About Us

We are a Deep Tech 3D Bioprinting Company focussed on the development of products and services for R&D and clinical applications. 

We developed our first 3D Bioprinter within the first 7 months, since our inception in May 2016. To create an impact in the domain of 3D Bioprinting, we, at NBIL, developed Trivima, India’s first customisable 3D Bioprinter. The printer has been developed to cater to the diverse requirements of researchers working in the domain of 3D Bioprinting, throughout the world.

With a long term vision to one day bridge the gap between organ demand and availability via 3D Bioengineered organs, our multi-disciplinary team has taken its first step in that direction. We are currently validating our 3D Bioprinted Human Epidermis (Innoskin® HE). Although the initial application for Innoskin® would be in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical testing applications, the long term goal of us, at NBIL, is to translate Innoskin® for a clinical use case.



India's First Customisable 3D Bioprinter

We, at NBIL, believe that the technology of 3D Bioprinting should be as diverse and malleable as the cells and biomaterials used in the process of reconstructing tissues. 

With this being one of the driving motivation for us, we worked towards building a completely modular 3D Bioprinting system. 

Meet Trivima, a bioprinter built to challenge the status quo of 3D Bioprinting research.


3D Bioprinted Human Skin

Innoskin® is 3D Bioprinted human skin and the first of it’s kind in India. This is NBIL’s first 3D Bioprinted product and the first variant, Innoskin® HE, is set to launch mid 2020. 

Innoskin® HE is currently being validated in-house as an alternative testing model for applications in cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical R&D. Innoskin® HE is fabricated using NBIL’s patented 3D Bioprinting technology, trade secret biomaterials, in-house medias and unique processes. 

Innoskin® is conceived with the vision to impact clinics where it can be used to treat any skin related corrections and treatments.

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